Air Conditioner Repair in Raymore, MO

When your air conditioner needs repair in Raymore MO, Heartland Quality Heating & Trane Air ConditionerCooling understands, you want your air conditioner repair done quickly. Timing is everything when you’re uncomfortable so we keep our service trucks fully stocked and ready to go. Heartland Quality’s goal is to repair your HVAC system the same day and on the same visit. There are several factors that cause air conditioner breakdowns:

  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Age
  • Electrical Issues
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Refrigerant Charge (Freon® Leak)

Air conditioner breakdowns are normally a result of “cause and effect”. A good example would be, your older air conditioner needs to be repaired and hasn’t had regular maintenance, the stress caused the fan motor to fail and an electrical connection to burn up. There are endless examples of what can cause your cooling system to fail, just keep in mind that age and lack of regular air conditioning maintenance are the primary causes for an AC breakdown.

1 Year WarrantyWhen one of Heartland Quality’s AC repair technicians comes to your home to look at an air conditioning problem they’ll want to review your entire heating and cooling system. This is the proper way to diagnose the “cause and effect” problem and provide you the proper corrective solutions so the AC will keep you cooled off the rest of the summer. Heartland Quality even warranties the repairs done in our customer’s home for a full 1 year.

No one plans for the inconvenience of needing something fixed at their home, not to mention taking time off from work to meet the repair guy. That’s why Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling has regular service hours until 8 pm Monday-Friday and convenient weekend service hours too. Besides who wants their home to be uncomfortable all weekend?

Give the professionals at Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling a call at (816)525-2031 to schedule your air conditioner repair in Raymore today.


Shawn D
...they gave me a military discount. I never asked for it...
Called them yesterday because my AC went out.  They offered a same day appointment.  The service was great, the employee was very friendly and personable.  The price was fair.  But the kicker, when I looked at the receipt closer several hours later, I noticed that they gave me a military discount.  I never asked for it, didn’t even know they offered it.  The service man must have noticed my Marine Corps flag and took it upon himself to give the discount.
Shawn D.
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