2 Stage Gas Furnace Heating – The Pros and Cons of 2 Stages of Heating

Posted on February 26, 2016 by Bailey Horlander

2 Stage gas furnace heating has been available for several years and manufactures haveRheem 360+1 furnace made major advances in how they operate. If you need to replace your existing gas furnace should you consider the 2 stage gas furnace option? What are the pros and cons of two stage gas heating, and why should you consider this option given the cost difference? I guess the first thing we should do is explain what a two stage furnace is and how it operate.

The standard gas furnace installed in your home was sized for the coldest days that normally occur where your house is built. This means that every day your Kansas City area’s furnace comes on and it’s above 0°F outside the furnace is over-sized. That’s right, the average Kansas City area’s home furnace is over-sized 95% of the time. This is the primary reason the 2 stage gas furnace was developed, so the furnace that you could have heating your home is closer to the correct size more times than not. It’s a fairly simple concept, when the furnace needs to come on it can heat at a minimum of two different levels. Depending on how the contractor sets up the furnace during installation will determine how the furnace operates. Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling installs all of their 2 stage gas furnace’s with a wall thermostat that controls the staging, this gives the homeowner complete control and provides the greatest level of comfort, without the wall thermostat the equipment guesses when to stage the levels of heating.

Manufacture’s of 2 stage gas furnace heating equipment have many different options to choose from. From the entry level units that you might see in new construction homes to nicer replacement units that have ECM™ blower motors (More about ECM blower motors in a future article) and range from 80-97% energy efficient. Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling  suggest considering the 2 stage gas furnace heating with the ECM™ motor whenever your needing to replace your furnace. This combination of multiple stages of heat and the added benefit of the ECM™ blower motor provide the best comfort available for your long term heating needs.

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