Bad Heat Exchanger in a Gas Furnace

Posted on September 11, 2019 by Jim Horlander

I’ve been asked “what does it mean if you have a bad heat exchanger in myBad heat exchanger gas furnace?” so I’ll attempt to explain what the heat exchanger is in your gas furnace and why it’s dangerous to use a furnace if the heat exchanger has failed.

In this picture there’s metal tubes that are inserted into the furnace’s heat exchanger. These are the burners where the gas is burned to create the heat that heats you home. The heat exchanger’s metal gets hot and air is passed in-between the pockets the metal has formed to heat your home. So it’s the metal envelope that keeps the burning gas and combustion products separated from the air inside your home. That envelope is the furnace’s heat exchanger.

Bad Heat Exchanger Inspection Camera

To inspect a gas furnace’s heat exchanger the first tool a technician will useHeat exchanger camera is a infared optical camera. These cameras are used to inspect for cracks, holes or any other unsafe condition that might be happening inside the metal pocket that protects the home’s occupants from the gas exhaust that can be toxic. While there’s other ways to inspect the heat exchanger inside your furnace, this is the best way to start the process.

Safety First

It’s not that uncommon to have heating and cooling contractors look inside of the gas furnace’s heat exchanger for signs of a problem but sometimes the contractor hasn’t provided the best tools or training to ensure your safety. The technicians at Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling have been trained to identify issues with your furnace’s heat exchanger and equipped with the proper tools to protect your family’s health and safety.

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