Builder’s Grade Heating and Cooling Equipment Problems In Kansas City

Posted on January 26, 2016 by Bailey Horlander

So how does “Builder’s Grade Heating and Cooling Equipment” stack up against theBuilder's Grade HVAC competition? There are several factors that need to be looked at when posing this question. These factor include your builder, the heating and cooling contractor, the type or style of your home, weather it was a custom design or track home and the scale or trim level of the home. Additional factors can be the brand of the equipment and if the builder and architect gave enough consideration to the location of the mechanical needs of the home.

While some builders may ask you about your heating and air conditioning needs, that would be the exception, not the norm. You see, most potential home buyers look at counter tops, kitchen appliances, carpet and paint colors or weather to put in a gas fireplace and blindly assume that the furnace and air conditioner will just work. The majority of home builders New Home Kansas Cityknow that what sells a house it’s how it looks, not if the master bed room is the same temperature or if the second floor can cool correctly on a hot summer day. Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling can help resolve your comfort issues and we will never use “Builder Grade” furnace, air conditioner or heat pumps.

Because home builders know appearance sells and you can’t get granite any cheaper, builder cut budgets to the mechanical aspects of the home that go unnoticed, some of these items include:

  •  Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment
  •  Plumbing Fixtures
  •  Water Heater
  •  Garbage Disposal
  •  Lighting Fixtures and Ceiling Fans
  •  Carpet
  •  Doors and Windows
  •  Exterior Concrete

These are just some examples of lower cost and sometimes inferior quality products that will allow to builder to sell the home. The un-expecting new homeowner will get a shorter life expectancy from these builder grade materials and appliances, incur increased cost of usage and in some cases never be comfortable in their newer home. The average builder grade air conditioner only last 12 years, the furnace approximately 15 years and rarely providing real comfort all while using excess fuel.


If your heating and air conditioning need to be updated, Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling can help, give us a call today to schedule a no cost replacement appointment. (816)525-2031

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