Dirty Air Conditioner Coils

Posted on June 17, 2020 by Jim Horlander

Dirty air conditioner coils on your outdoor unit can cause severe problems.

Capacity is reduced when your air conditioner outdoor coil is dirty. The best way I know how to explain it is that the dirt acts like a blanket, insulating the coil from getting rid of the heat it collected from inside your home. Efficiency is also reduced because of the insulating blanket the dirt creates. Therefore, the unit must run harder and longer to cool your home. Lastly, your reducing the life expectancy of the equipment due to your system having to work harder than it should to accomplish its designed capacity.

This is why regular maintenance is important to keep your equipment running the way it is designed to. We had a wet spring and the cotton wood trees are shedding worse than normal. Our regular maintenance program includes cleaning the exterior coils and a full inspection of the gas furnace.

Please give us a call at (816)525-2031 to get you set up on our preventative maintenance.

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