Don’t Miss KCP&L’s $850 Air Conditioner Upgrade Rebate! It Ends December 13th.

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Bailey Horlander

Air Conditioner Rebate PictureDo you live in Missouri and receive electrical service from KCP&L? If so, and you’re thinking of getting a new air conditioner, it may behoove you to act now instead of next spring. Why? Because you may be able to save up to $850 on your purchase through KCP&L’s air conditioning upgrade rebate. But the rebate ends December 13th, so don’t wait!

Who Is Eligible for the Air Conditioner Upgrade Rebate?

  • You must be a Missouri resident, Kansas doesn’t qualify
  • You must be a KCP&L residential electricity customer
  • You must have a central air-conditioner or heat pump system
  • Your system can be old, but must still operate without problems (If your equipment cannot be tested due to an equipment malfunction, your certified KCP&L HVAC contractor may offer a quote for additional costs required to repair the equipment to determine eligibility)
  • Your existing equipment must be at or below 8.0 EER*
  • The eligibility test must be performed by a certified KCP&L HVAC professional (Heartland Quality)
  • The new equipment must be installed by a certified KCP&L HVAC professional (Heartland Quality)
  • The new equipment must be rated at or above 14.0 SEER**

*The EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) measures steady-state efficiency of the air conditioner once it is up and running. An improperly maintained cooling system may lower your equipment’s operating efficiency.

**The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is an indicator of the unit’s overall energy efficiency. A participating HVAC contractor can help identify the SEER and/or EER rating of your equipment.

Instant Credit – No Waiting

One of the best things about this program is that the money is taken off the bill up front, so there’s no waiting for a rebate check in the mail. You simply save $850 off the price of the new system and installation. Instant gratification feels so good, doesn’t it? Call us today to schedule your eligibility test. It must be above 55 degrees to prove that your system is inefficient, so call now and let us get you on the schedule before it gets too cold.

Call Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling at (816) 525-2031. But hurry, so you don’t miss this opportunity.

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