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Posted on September 11, 2019 by Jim Horlander

Upgrading your existing heating and cooling system will pay for itself. Homeowners in the Midwest understand that every freezing winter and oppressive summer they will have hefty utility bills, if they want to be comfortable. Investing in a new high efficiency heating and cooling equipment will pay for itself and provide a level of comfort that your old system cannot perform. Most manufactures offer home comfort heating and cooling systems that can respond to our constantly changing weather conditions. They can provide the best cooling and dehumidification in the summer as well as a constant heating supply to eliminate the hot and cold spots inside your home.

Every onset of summer and winter we have homeowners contact us requesting a quote for new equipment. During our free estimate to their home, it’s our obligation to evaluate the existing equipment and ductwork, review the needs for the homeowner and design a heating and cooling system replacement options that best suits their home. It’s important that the ductwork is done correctly so you get what you’re paying for. We, Heartland Quality, customizes all the ductwork for our customers for the best performance of your new HVAC equipment. We do this in shop, not on the job site so that each piece fits perfectly together without the use of tape.

 Most homeowners major concern is the upfront cost of new equipment, not understanding the long-term benefits that new energy efficient equipment can provide. Updating your older equipment will reduce your energy bills and give you a more comfortable home. A lot of our competition will offer low ball pricing; however, their equipment won’t have the efficiency, customize ductwork, or the consumer ratings that our equipment has. We stand behind our equipment and work with a one-year labor warranty. The constant issue that always comes up is the pricing for some of the equipment options, some of this is lowball pricing from competition but most times it’s not understanding the long-term cost for the quick solution.

Now with our newest special, 5 year interest free financing, it is even easier to save and get money on your investment while feeling comfortable! and energy efficiency savings that offset your investment, a large home (5 ton) could save the entire purchase of premium heating and cooling equipment within the period you have payments! plus experience a comfortable home plus the fact you’ll have a new AC and furnace that is under a full warranty.

Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling is your Lee’s Summit HVAC contractor for creating a comfortable home. Call us today to schedule your free in-home estimate today. (816)525-2031

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