Furnace Exhaust Pipe- White Residue or rust

Posted on December 12, 2018 by Jim Horlander

Gas Furnace ExhaustYour furnace exhaust pipe should never have white residue or rust on the exterior. If your furnace exhaust pipe has white or rust deposits around the seams of the piping or if it looks like the metal piping has freckles, your furnace isn’t operating correctly. Both of these conditions are created by poor combustion of natural gas or propane. In simple terms, your gas isn’t burning at a high enough temperature or doesn’t have the right air to fuel mixture and should be reviewed by a furnace professional from Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling. The leftover deposits from natural gas or propane are very corrosive and if not fixed in a timely manner will result in the furnace and piping being prematurely damaged. Damaged furnace piping will let carbon monoxide and products of combustion into your home.

Furnace Exhaust Pipe Carbon Monoxide Issues

Furnace exhaust pipe carbon monoxide issues can be caused by the age of the furnace, poor furnace maintenance, or poor installation design issues. If the damaged furnace exhaust piping problem isn’t fixed, carbon monoxide could enter the home or building. Carbon monoxide is caused by incomplete combustion of gas or other combustibles. This happens when your furnace can’t burn correctly. This can be caused by poor air supply, wrong gas supply pressure, or just a dirty, poorly maintained gas appliance. The proper way to prevent your furnace from premature damage is regular heating maintenance.

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