Furnace Maintenance vs Furnace Inspection- There’s a huge difference!

Posted on October 3, 2017 by Bailey Horlander

Every fall heating and cooling contractors start advertising for the furnace heating season visits.cheap offer Consumers need to be extremely careful when looking at these low cost teaser offers. When you’re having a company out to do an annual furnace visit make sure their going to do the manufacture’s recommended maintenance.  What we’ve found is the low cost comes with a catch and the ad’s offer can be misleading. They go about this by stating “Furnace Inspection” or “Furnace safety check”, I’ve even seen “Furnace Visit”. What all of these statements don’t say is they’re going to do any of the maintenance the furnace needs.

Gas furnace burnersUnfortunately for the consumer they’ll end up spending more on these teaser “Furnace Inspections” then if they would have paid full price for a regular “Furnace Maintenance” visit. That’s because those contractors only show up and look at the equipment for the teaser price; you pay an addition price for all of the basic maintenance that needs to be done. That’s like going to get your oil changed and the price they quoted on the phone didn’t cover a new filter, oil disposal, environmental fees, labor and whatever else they can think of.

Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling only does “furnace maintenance” visits for our customers. On these service calls we do all of the manufactures recommended maintenance. Our primary focus is to provide quality services to extend the life of the equipment, reduce our customers utility bills and provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Call us today to schedule you fall furnace maintenance visit. (816)525-2031

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