Furnace Tune-ups: The Smartest Thing KC Homeowners Can Do Today

Posted on September 9, 2013 by Bailey Horlander

Kansas City homeowner scheduled a furnace tune-up.What is the smartest thing that Kansas City homeowners could be doing during the month of September? Scheduling a furnace tune-up! While the warm weather may have you thinking about anything except using your furnace, scheduling a tune-up sooner than later will make you a happy camper in the long run! Why? Heartland Quality put together this list of reasons.

Beat the Rush at the Beginning of Furnace Season

If an early furnace tune up was not on your mind before today, we are assuming that it is not on the mind of many others as well. So why not beat the rush? It is always a good idea for us to come and check your furnace before the heating season arrives. No one wants to be stuck on a waiting list for a furnace tune up in a freezing house!

Avoid Furnace Failure

Imagine your furnace going out in the dead of winter when there is a foot (or two) of snow on the ground. Brrr! This can be easily avoided with an early furnace tune up. Instead of waiting for a problem to arrive, which could leave to a costly furnace repair in your Kansas City home, give Heartland Quality a call and let us catch potential problems ahead of time.

Save Money on Energy Bills

By scheduling a furnace tune-up you are receiving preventative maintenance on your system. At Heartland Quality this includes inspecting all of the components of your furnace from checking for proper airflow and adjusting the dampers to optimize your comfort to checking for carbon monoxide to ensure your family’s safety. This detailed tune-up will ensure that your furnace is operating smoothly and efficiently. When your furnace does not have to overwork to heat your house you end up saving money on energy bills.

We are betting that when the temperatures begin to drop and it is time to bring your coat out of the closet, you will be glad that your furnace is already tuned up and ready to keep you warm all winter long! Be smart today. Give Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling a call at (816) 525-2031 to schedule your furnace tune-up today. Whether you are in Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, or anywhere in between, we cover the entire city.

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