Furnace Vent Piping Issues

Posted on December 20, 2015 by Bailey Horlander

Furnace vent piping issues or as we commonly refer to it, flue piping venting problems Furnace venting problemcan cause severe damage to a furnace or even worst create a dangerous situation. From a distance your gas furnace may look relativity new but if you look at where the seams of the metal piping of this furnace installation are connected notice the white “crystal like” deposits.

These deposits are byproducts of combustion gases that never left the home and are extremely corrosive. There’s a laundry list of things that can cause this problem and should be examined by a trained service technician. Heartland Quality’s furnace repair technicians know the major causes and steps to prevent these deposits from ever occurring.

Furnace damaged by exhaust If ignored these byproducts of the gas furnace’s exhaust will drain into the furnace, destroying everything in its path and potentially causing the furnace to malfunction or worst work in an unsafe condition.

Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling service technicians understand what to look for when this condition occurs and the steps to prevent it from causing permanent damage to your gas furnace. Call today to schedule a visit (816) 525-2031.

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