Heat Pump Problems Caused by Ice

Posted on December 30, 2015 by Bailey Horlander

Heat pump problem caused by ice build up from winter weather can be severe. As the water melts and re-freezes from the roof and drips into the top of a home owners heat Ice stormpump the water can  refreeze to the exposed fan blades of the heat pump. When this happens it makes the fan blade out of balance and can cause the outdoor unit to shake. The best way to describe this, it’s like having one to many pair of bluejeans in the clothes washer.

While some frost on exterior heat pump coils are a normal part of its operation and  thefrozen heat pump equipment can compensate for it, Mother Nature can reek havoc on their ability to work correctly. This is a prime example of what a ice storm or clogged gutters in the winter can do to your heat pump. Running the equipment in this condition can cause extensive damage and expensive repairs. When we perform our HQ Care maintenance we try to look at conditions that could create this problem and alert our Heartland Quality heat pump customers.

Remember a little bit of maintenance can go a long way. Contact us today to schedule your Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling maintenance visit.

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