Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Efficiency Certified by AHRI

Posted on April 9, 2015 by Jim Horlander

Heating & air conditioning installations done by Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling come with a copy of the AHRI™ Certificate of Energy Efficiency and a receipt that includes the scope of work performed. We also register the new equipment for warranty purposes  for the homeowner and an email is sent to our client from the manufacturer.AHRI Certified

Heating and cooling equipment manufacturers purposely market their air conditioning equipment with model numbers that imply what the energy efficiency is. These energy efficiency ratings for home cooling systems can only be achieved with the correct combination of equipment. This combination of equipment deals with the amount of air flow being moved, the amount of exposed refrigerant coil in the homes air stream and the over-all resistance to air movement inside the new equipment.

When you’re looking at replacing your heating and cooling equipment make sure that you’re comparing your options based on the real efficiency numbers for the equipment that is being proposed. Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling provides free in home estimates and includes these certificates on every one of our installations. The cost differences to achieve proper efficiency ratings can be minor at the time of the installation and cost thousands of dollars long term in utility costs. These numbers can be found at the AHRI™ website or ask your contractor for these certificates.



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