How Your Heating and Cooling is Installed Makes a Huge Difference

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Bailey Horlander

The way your heating and cooling equipment is installed makes a huge difference! It’sPoor furnace installation not uncommon to get service request because rooms aren’t comfortable. These issues are almost always due to poor air flow. Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling designs our replacement systems with your comfort and safety as our primary concern. Other common problems that arise because of a poor heating and cooling installation is the general safety and how long the equipment will last. In this example to the left it’s clear that the lowest bid got the work. The equipment selection and ducting all meet the minimum requirement based on the specs for the homes heating and cooling but no considerations were given to the actual performance for the home’s heating and cooling. Because the furnace was physically too small to pressurize the ducting inside the home the 2nd floor never heated or cooled correctly. After dealing with these problems for four years the equipment was replaced.

This is the same home after the equipment was replaced. When selecting newnew furnace installation equipment the homeowner chose a new 2 stage 80% gas furnace with an ECM blower motor. This option will help with properly pressurizing the ducting so air flow will reach the second floor.

As seen in this example, the new equipment’s physical size has increased to proper meet the home’s duct work. There were several improvements made to the return air side of this installation too. The new furnace was placed on a return air box so the blower can work with less restriction as well as the ducting coming from the main return air location.

When your looking at replacing the heating and cooling equipment in your home remember that selecting the right equipment is only one factor. If the equipment that you do select isn’t installed correctly it’s not going to perform the way it was designed to.

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