Hiring The Right Heating & Cooling Company for the Job

Posted on October 28, 2020 by Bailey Horlander

Hiring the right heating and cooling company for your comfort needs is crucial. In a world that is dominated by online paid reviews and advertisements, finding the right heating and cooling company can be a challenge. Here are some simple, yet effective, tips to ensure you are hiring the right heating and cooling company:

Are they Licensed?

This is one of the most important ones to consider. As you wouldn’t want to go to a doctor that has not gotten his/her license, the same rings true with heating and cooling. When your system is sick, needing repairs, you want the verification that the repair is going to be done by someone who has diverse experience in your equipment to correctly diagnose it the first time and fix it.

There are several different licenses, but the main one is an EPA License, which allows a tech to work on equipment with all types of refrigerants. Also, in the state of Missouri, business owners or someone within the business must have one Master Mechanical License. As all systems may look the same from the exterior, there are over 150 brands of heating and cooling units. When reaching out to a company, don’t be afraid to ask if all of their employees have EPA certificate cards and if the company has a key individual that has a Master Mechanical License.  That will set apart a qualified, reputable business from an individual or company that is violating state and local laws.

Read The Reviews

Anyone can look at the stars associated with a particular business in a quick Google search. However, if you haven’t heard yet companies can BUY reviews AND have negative reviews removed from Google. Yes, companies have been doing this for several months now in order to get a higher ranking on Google. So, if you skim through the reviews and see a lot of 5 stars with no written review associated with it be careful! Another good option for this is to check Yelp. Yelp has not allowed fake review sites to leave reviews, so you are getting real people’s feedback, the positive and negative. Check us out on Yelp.

Ask For Referrals

A simple but easy way to find out who to hire is by asking someone else if they had a positive experience with an HVAC Contractor. One size fits all may not apply but asking around to trusted family and friends can sometimes be the best way to go before hitting the internet. Or if no one in your immediate friend or family circle has a recommendation, normally a reputable business will have a list of referrals you can reach out to if Google and Yelp reviews aren’t your thing. 

Verify the Company You Call is the One Coming Out & Their Location

This seems like a no brainer, right? However, there are “companies” with legitimate sounding names popping up in Google searches where the phone numbers are connected to a lead generating company. Then these lead generating companies reroute to another company based on your zip code (NOT who you intended to call). This means that whoever answers the phone is not the company you intended to call, but a company that was willing to pay the most money to get you as a customer.

These lead generating companies often have map locations around you in a local area, but if you look at their map of where that supposed  “company” is located you will often find a large parking lot or field, with no such business. The major concern is this company may be promoting a company that doesn’t believe in backing their work and are not in your local area. Look for a company that has a physical location in your area, like Heartland Quality. We are a local licensed heating and cooling company, which means that you can count on our office staff  to answer our phones (even after office hours). And if you have problems, HQ will warranty repairs and new installations in-house.

So before you hire that heating and cooling company, do the research, ask for the referral, read the reviews, and check to see if they are licensed! As always, if you are looking for a reputable business give Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling a call at (816) 525-2031 or on our website under our Contact Page.