How does your air conditioner work?

Posted on June 12, 2020 by Jim Horlander

AC diagram

Home air conditioners pretty much all work the same way. Their designed to remove moisture from the air and the heat(energy) from the air. Your basic components are the outdoor coil, the compressor, a metering device an indoor fan, outdoor fan and the indoor coil. These components need to be sized correctly for proper operation. Each one of these components do a particular task to make your home comfortable.

The best way to explain the operation of an air conditioner is it’s designed to dehumidify your house and the byproduct is it reduces the temperature of the air. The moisture in the air is what holds the heat. To put this in relatable terms when the outside air temperature is 75 degrees with 75% relative humidity it’s not very comfortable. When it’s 75 degrees outside with 30% relative humidity it’s very comfortable. The reason for this is with a high moisture level in the air your body’s sweat can’t evaporate to keep you comfortable. This is why it’s crucial that your AC system is sized correctly. If it’s too big it won’t run long enough to dehumidify.

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