Furnace Tune-Up

Posted on November 10, 2020 by Bailey Horlander

Furnace Tune-Up

“Why do I need to have a furnace tune-up?” is a frequently asked question. The primary reason is to ensure it is running properly by cleaning it and ensuring all safety operations of the system work. As carbon monoxide and other serious dangers can happen if not cleaned and maintained regularly.  Think of it as an oil change for your car, if it doesn’t get its oil change it won’t run at its max capacity and eventually may even breakdown or die on you. Same is true for your heating and cooling systems. 

What does the technician do when they come out to do a Tune-Up?

Here is a list of all the operations we check:

  • adjust the thermostat so the heat will come on
  • cycle and let run before doing anything
  • check temperature rise
  • replace air filter
  • check current draw in all motors
  • ensure wire connections
  • check gas pressure
  • check burners and clean
  • clean flame sensor
  • clean flue draft
  • check for carbon monoxide
  • inspect heat exchanger (camera inspection)
  • test blower run capacitor
  • check blower wheel
  • examine flue exhaust piping
  • clean condensate trap
  • test both high/low fire
  • inspect water heater
  • wipe down furnace exterior
  • service humidifier
  • check for second floor dampers and adjust if needed

When is it best to have it done?

Preferably, the best time to get a furnace tune-up is when the seasons begin to change from Summer to Fall, but the furnace does need to be turned on to go through and check the operations. However, it is still a good practice to get it done even if you have already turned on your furnace for the winter.

If you still haven’t had your furnace tune-up done, now is a great time to reach out to get it scheduled before the cold weather hits! Contact us on our contact page or call us at (816) 525-2031 .

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