Six Common Furnace Problems and What You Can Do

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Bailey Horlander

Artwork of Number SixNow that your furnace has been running for a couple of months, it’s time to assess its effectiveness. When we go to homes to perform tune-ups and repairs, we see many of the same furnace problems. While some of them require a professional furnace repair company, others are simple things that you, as a homeowner, can do that will greatly improve your comfort and lower your energy bills. Here are some of the most common furnace problems we see. Some have easy fixes you can do yourself. Others you may need to call us for help.

Poor Air Flow – this can be due to a number of things. One of the first things to check is your air filter. If your air filter is dirty, it can be blocking your air flow making your furnace work harder to deliver less air. At Heartland Quality, we recommend changing your air filter once a month to keep your furnace running at peak efficiency and to keep your air cleaner.

Moving Dampers – if your home has hot or cold spots, it could be due to something as simple as your dampers being in the wrong position. Dampers are panels inside your duct work that can help direct the amount of air flow in a particular direction. For instance, if the room above the garage is always colder in the winter, you can open that damper all the way to allow for maximum air flow in the winter. Or if the upstairs bedrooms get too warm, you can reduce the hot air flow to those rooms.

Improper Venting – this is a potentially dangerous problem because if your furnace is not properly vented to the outside, dangerous carbon monoxide gas can escape inside your home. Sometimes, your vents can get clogged as well when birds or other animals build nests in them. It’s a safety issue we check with every furnace tune-up we perform.

Small Gas Leaks – sometimes we find that a heat exchanger has cracked and the homeowner doesn’t even know it yet. This is dangerous as well, as it can leak carbon monoxide gas into your home. We always check your heat exchanger for cracks and your entire system for gas leaks when we perform any kind of furnace maintenance.

Humidifiers – if you have a humidifier attached to your furnace, don’t forget to check the pad. It may need to be cleaned. Dirty humidifier pads can cause a musty smell in your home. Also, check to make sure the water is still flowing to the humidifier when it is turned on. The small hose can get clogged or kinked easily.

Lack of Maintenance – by far, this is the biggest problem we see when a homeowner calls Heartland Quality for furnace repairs. During a tune-up, we not only repair or replace any worn parts, but we perform a complete safety check and clean your system. It is estimated that 75% of emergency furnace repairs are caused by lack of maintenance. Avoid the problems and the inconvenience altogether by having your system checked annually.

We see these problems all furnace season long and that’s why we offer a late-season furnace tune-up special for $59. You’ll save $20 off our regular price. Call Heartland Quality today to make sure your furnace is running efficiently and safely and to avoid unexpected breakdowns.Rheem HVAC Logo


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