Smart Thermostat or Wifi Thermostat for Your Home’s HVAC

Posted on September 20, 2019 by Jim Horlander

If you’re wanting to upgrade to a smart thermostat or just have a WiFi enabled thermostat for your homes’s HVAC system there are several factors that need to be considered. Thermostats aren’t a universal one size fits all device for every heating and cooling system. Keep in mind how many kinds of heating and cooling system configurations there could be:

  • Standard gas furnace with air conditioning
  • Electric strip heating with heat pump
  • Dual fuel- Gas furnace with heat pump
  • Boiler with central cooling

This is just a basic example of common systems over the past 30 years and doesn’t include multi staging, modulating or premium high efficiency heating and cooling equipment.

Thermostat Wi-fi app

When you’re trying to select the correct smart thermostat or WiFi thermostat, you need to know what kind of heating and cooling system you have. Choosing the wrong wall thermostat could damage the equipment, cause it to malfunction, reduce your comfort or drastically increase your energy usage. Our local utility company has been offering free WiFi thermostats for years but if your system is anything more than a basic furnace with an air conditioner look for better options. Plus keep in mind their free thermostat lets them turn off your cooling when it gets hot outside for up to 15 minutes per hour. There’s also another thing to consider, your internet security. Remember this is an open gateway into your internet connection.

If you’re considering upgrading your heating and cooling equipment soon, I would recommend using the new equipment’s manufactures thermostat. These thermostats are designed to get the best performance, comfort and energy efficiency from the equipment your installing. Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling installs Econet Smart, Nexia Smart and Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats. These products are Wi-Fi secure and will accommodate any heating cooling system on the market.

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