Why Follow, Like, Tweet with a Heating and Cooling Company?

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Bailey Horlander

You may be asking yourself why follow, like, tweet with a heating and cooling company?

Well, let us start off here. The day that you chose to invite us into your home you become a part of our family, our team, and a crucial customer.  You are more than a name handing us a check. For that, we would like to thank you. We realize here at Heartland Quality that you have other options and choices for business. In an extension to keep you as a member of our family, team and customer we want to stay connected with you, not only for our sake, but to keep up with your life beyond the means of your heating and cooling needs and to maintain your comfort year round.

On our social media pages we like to keep our customers aware of new products we offer, the trends in the industry, and any helpful tips to keep your comfort at a maximum. We do the research so that you may relax and enjoy life.

We also offer all our customers and potential new customers with our most current offers for the best deals, such as financing options, free humidifiers, and other highly important comfort needs. So if you are looking to replace or service your units this is the best way to keep up-to-date on these limited time opportunities on discounts that may suit your needs. We try to do a variety of different deals and financing options throughout the year, but sometimes our distributors offer peak deals at different times. That being noted, our social media page is our fastest way to provide you with the information over these comfort savings.

Check out our latest special offer in our commercial below!


Don’t have social media, but still want to stay connected? No worries! On our website under our blog you can sign up for our newsletters that get sent to your email directly. These vary, however we attempt to send an email at least once a month with the latest trends in the industry and/or discounts off installation.

We know it may sound odd to follow or like a heating and cooling company, but here at Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling we do more than heating and cooling. We inform you, give you the best discounts that we can present, and always try to put your needs first. Here we treat you like family.


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