Should You Install A Dry Charge R-22 Air Conditioner

Posted on July 28, 2013 by Jim Horlander

Heartland Quality wanted to take a moment to explain what “Dry Charge” units are, and why Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling doesn’t install dry charge air conditioners. Dry charge air conditioners are advertised as cost effective replacement units when a home owner has an air conditioner that needs to be replaced. Dry charge air conditioners are designed to work with the older refrigerant that is being phased out(R-22). Loopholes in the EPA’s chlorine based refrigerant law allowed air conditioning manufactures to continue making these AC’s but they could no longer ship these units with R-22 in them, thus the term “Dry Charged”.

The Dry Charge R-22 Air Conditioner ProblemHeartland Quality AC install

Touted as a cure-all, dry charge R-22 air conditioner units create problems for the majority of home owners that have had one installed. If a dry charge R-22 air conditioner is installed on a pre-existing indoor coil, the cooling system’s capacity will be reduced. This is caused by the way the older indoor coil was designed. Although the coil may have been rated at a particular tonnage, it was not rated for the new outdoor units efficiency. Other problems that occur with dry charge units include:

  • Reduced cooling capacity
  • Reduced humidity removal
  • Increased electric bill
  • Reduced comfort
  • Still using R-22 refrigerant(That’s still being phased out)

Home Warranty Companies Usage of Dry Charge Air Conditioners

Home warranty companies commonly install dry charge R-22 air conditioning units. When the unit that is being covered under the home warranty has been deemed non-repairable and the air conditioner needs to be replaced, what is included is the replacement of the outdoor unit of same or similar tonnage. They are not required to replace the air conditioners indoor coil. This common practice results in unsatisfactory cooling and unsatisfied home warranty customers. If your air conditioner fails and the warranty company needs to replace the AC, there are buy-out clauses that allows home owners a dollar amount so they can purchase an air conditioning system of their choice. Home owners should ask about this option to insure that they still have adequate cooling for their home.

We do understand that these lower cost options can sound appealing at first when you’re faced with an unexpected purchase, but attempting to save a few dollars up front could cost you a great deal more in the future. If you live in Lee’s Summit, Raytown or Overland Park Ks give Heartland Quality a call. We can explain what option that are available for your home, at an affordable price and even help you secure financing with terms up to 18 months with 0% interest.


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