Overland Park Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune Up

Air conditioning equipment in Overland Park needs regular maintenance and Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling is here to help. Consider calling Heartland Quality for your Overland Park air conditioner tune up today. Without proper cooling system maintenance, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool and in most casesOverland Park air conditioner tune up break down more frequently. The outside air conditioner coils must be clean for the cooling system to work efficiently and the air flow inside your systems duct work should be checked as well.

Overland Park Air Conditioner Tune-up Professionals

While some heating and cooling contractors call their air conditioning “Preseason Visits”, “Inspections” or “Evaluations”, or “Preseason check”, we call ours for what it is, an “Air Conditioning Tune-Up”. The reason…. Heartland Quality doesn’t charge extra to wash out the exterior coil. Your air conditioning system will receive the following on every AC Tune-up;

  • Inspect the condensation drain area and purge line
  • Check for proper air flow and adjust your dampers, if possible, for better second floor cooling
  • Check the blower motor and wheel
  • Shut off the humidifier
  • Check all the wiring connections, both inside the furnace and the air conditioner
  • Check the compressor and outdoor fan motor
  • Check the electrical controls
  • Check the motor starting devices
  • Check the refrigerant level
  • Clean the outdoor coil

After Your Air Conditioning Tune-up is Complete

The technicians at Heartland Quality understand that your time is very important. The primary reason you wanted your air conditioning tuned-up and ready for summers heat was to prevent untimely and unwanted breakdowns. If they notice that your system might need a “Tweak here or there” they’ll let you know, no surprises. It’s our job and our obligation to keep our customers completely informed about their equipment’s needs. Heartland Quality Heating and Cooling promises that after your air conditioner has been professionally service and tuned up by one of our technicians your cooling equipment will be running as efficiently as possible. So when your scheduling your Overland Park, Leawood or Olathe KS air conditioner tune up, give the professional at Heartland Quality a call.

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