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If you need to install a new air conditioner or furnace in your Raytown, Mo home, let Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling help. With over 60% of your utility bill going towards heating and air conditioning your home, replacing your older air conditioner or furnace makes sense. Heartland Quality will review your existing heating and air cooling system and give cost effective replacement options. Heartland Quality provides home owners the following:

Raytown Air Conditioner Installation

Raytown home owners that need to install a new air conditioner should give Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling a call today. Air conditioning systems need to sized correctly to keep you cool in the summer and remove the humidity from your home. If your new AC system is over-sized  it won’t run long enough to remove the humidity from your home. The results from an over-sized air conditioner can be a clammy home with a high risk of mold growth in your duct work. If the new AC system is too small, it won’t keep up with the summer heat and your home becomes uncomfortable. Heartland Quality will review your homes cooling needs and size your new cooling system for perfect air conditioning comfort. Call us today for your free air conditioning comfort analysis.

Raytown Furnace Installation

If the furnace in your Raytown home needs to be replaced, Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling can help. When a new furnace is installed it needs to sized correctly for proper operation, if the furnace is sized to small it won’t keep up when it gets cold outside, if the new furnace is too big, it will short cycle and not heat your home correctly.

New furnace install in RaytownFurnace’s physical sizes have changed too, and because of this most furnace installations require your sheet metal duct work to be modified. Heartland Quality will review your homes heating needs to insure the correct size unit is selected then custom design the replacement sheet metal on your furnace installation for an air tight installation. Other things that need to be addressed during a furnace installation are the furnace exhaust, gas piping, blower operation, and air filter installation.

Heartland Quality Heating & Cooling is a locally owned, family operated heating and air conditioning contractor that provides home owners in Raytown affordable options when replacing their furnace and air. Give us a call today for your free estimate.

Shawn D
...they gave me a military discount. I never asked for it...
Called them yesterday because my AC went out.  They offered a same day appointment.  The service was great, the employee was very friendly and personable.  The price was fair.  But the kicker, when I looked at the receipt closer several hours later, I noticed that they gave me a military discount.  I never asked for it, didn’t even know they offered it.  The service man must have noticed my Marine Corps flag and took it upon himself to give the discount.
Shawn D.
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